Aluminum Anodizing

Standard Anodizing (Sulfuric Acid Type II)

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The most common and cost-effective anodizing process. Provides excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. Except for die castings, these coatings are easily dyed a wide range of colors.  Thickness typically is (.0003-.0007), MIL-PRF-8625 (formerly MIL-A-8625), Type II, Class 1 (clear) or Class 2 (color). See attachment for Danco Medical standard color gages.

Danco Medical can also provide Type IIB Aluminum Anodized per MIL-PRF-8625.

Complete list of Danco Medical Aluminum Specifications (PDF)

Hard Anodizing (Type III)

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Hardness equal to hard chrome plating is easily attainable. These coatings accept black dyes well, while lighter colors are available on thinner coatings. Type III provides excellent wear resistance and heat dissipation. This coating has an outstanding ability to absorb a variety of lubricants and is, therefore, recommended where friction is a factor.

Reference MIL-PRF-8625 (formerly MIL-A-8625), Type III, Class 1 (clear) or Class 2 (color), and thickness range. See attachment for Danco Medical standard color gages.

Chemical Conversion Coating

Chemfilm provides good corrosion resistance at low cost and is commonly used as a paint base. Compared to anodized films, these finishes are often used where low electrical resistance is required. Reference MIL-DTL-5541, Class 1A Type I or II (maximum corrosion protection), or Class 3 Type 1 or II (low dielectric resistance). Type II is RoHS compliant.

RO-59tmP/uv (Teflon)

RO-59tmP deposits thin, dry, Teflon/filler lubricant coatings on metallic and non-metallic surfaces. These coatings chemically bond to the substrate either at ambient or slightly elevated temperatures and are functional from well below 32oF to 400oF and higher.

Chemically-bonded RO-59tmP coatings provide significantly better lubricity, wear resistance, and reliability than Vydax and non-bonded Teflon coatings. They also provide superior wear resistance than RO-59tm4 coatings, with no sacrifice in lubricity.

The UV dye is available as a water soluble fluorescent dye which is invisible in visible light but when irradiated with black UV lights at the incident radiation (wavelengths of 365nm) emits a blue fluorescent color.

RO-59tmP/uv is environmentally safe and friendly. It is water based with no VOC's. Also, it is non-flammable, does not affect the ozone layer, and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.