EP, Passivate, and Epoxy

Electropolish (EP)

Electropolishing is an electrochemical finishing process that removes a thin layer of material from a metal part.  The most common materials are 300-400 series stainless steel.  The material is removed by a controlled cycle time and amps that pass through the surface of a part resulting in a bright shiny finish.  This improves corrosion resistance and reduces surface roughness by up to 50%.

Passivation (Nitric & Citric)

Iron content inherent within the surface of Stainless Steel (and many times added through fabrication processes) is removed during passivation, resulting in a less chemically reactive & corrosion resistant surface.

We most commonly passivate to ASTM A967.

Epoxy Colors for Stainless Steel Identification

Danco Medical offers an epoxy process to fill in grooves on stainless steel instruments.