The documents below are available for immediate viewing, printing or download. They are all in PDF format. Click on any blue title to see the file.

1. Titanium Anodizing, Color and Type 2
Titanium anodizing provides products with improved properties compared to those in a raw or “unfinished” state. The finish of choice for Orthopedic Implants.

2. Danco Medical Standard Titanium Colors
This handy Guide displays twelve of the most common colors. Danco can also produce other colors and shades.

3. Aluminum Anodizing Considerations
Introduces the process of anodizing, particularly as it relates to the many medical devices and instruments made from aluminum alloys. Outlines special considerations for anodizing aluminum alloys, die cast parts and more.

4. Aluminum Hardcoat Dimensional Considerations
Because most of our work is critical tolerance, a number of dimensional factors must be considered in order to achieve the desired end-result.

5. Aluminum Color Gages
Danco Medical Type II and Type III Aluminum color gages, combined.

6. LFCC – Low Fiction Chrome Coating
Fast becoming the finish of choice for medical manufacturers of instruments, Low Friction Chrome provides an improvement of service life, enhanced performance and preserves the cosmetic appearance of the medical device.

7. Danco Medical Brochure
Lists specifications and other capabilities and services available.

8. Danco Facilities Guide
Contact information, and a description of services each location provides.

9. ISO 13485:2016 Certification
Certificate for Metal Finishing and Metal Surfacing of Titanium, Stainless Steel, Cobalt Chrome, and products for the Medical Sector.

10. Nadcap Accreditation Certificates
Certificates for both Chemical Processing, and Aerospace Quality System are displayed.